• Problem: Aquatic Hitchhiker – V10 | Bishop, CA

  • Flash: An Amal Roof – V9 | Rocklands, SA

  • Route: Shitfire – 5.13b | Rat Cave, OR

  • On sight: Crack Babies – 5.12b | Smith Rock, OR

Lisa Chulich

Gymnast turned climber, biology grad with a math minor, curious, happy, driven. During the past few years Lisa has competed for the US team at world cup competitions and traveled the world for aesthetically beautiful lines on rock with complex movement. Lisa was first introduced to climbing when gymnastics was no longer an option in her hometown, Olympia, WA. She still craved the movement of gymnastics, feats of strength/balance, and chalk, so she followed her brother into climbing. He showed her around her first comp and quality climbs outside. Those days introduced her to people and projects that eventually turned her interest of climbing into a passion.

Off the rock, Lisa continues her passion for beach volleyball during the summer. She began playing indoor just before high school, and now trains and competes in beach tournaments in Washington and on the West Coast.