• Age: 36

    • Residence: Bishop, CA

    • Favorite Product: Oracle and Cruzer “Psyche” Series

    • Years Climbing: 10+ years

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    Jonathan Hogue

    A longtime friend of Jonathan’s introduced him to the sport via an indoor climbing gym in Portland, Oregon. He was hooked to the point of abandoning everything and moving from Portland to seek remote climbing destinations throughout the country. Whilst living the famed “dirt-bag” lifestyle, living in boulder fields and the vast desert for many years, Jonathan established routes/problems in areas such as Yosemite Valley, Acadia National Park in Maine, The White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Eastern Sierra’s, and much more.

    To train for climbing Jonathan enjoys trail and road running, cross-training at the gym, ski-touring, and doing circuits throughout the Bishop, California, area he now calls home. After working as a lead route setter on the east-coast for several years, (while establishing climbing areas all his own), Jonathan decided to make Bishop his home. Seeing as how he always visited over the life of his climbing career the move made sense; now he’s proud to be a “local.”

    Jonathan climbs in ALL disciplines and suggests, “I love traditional climbing for the adventure, sport climbing for endurance, and bouldering for raw/unadulterated power. It isn’t about chasing grades. Sure, we’d all love sending V10+ and walking 5.13, but that shouldn’t be the true driving force behind climbing. Too many climbers have egos getting in the way of enjoying the sport, which is silly. Some of my best days are spent lounging on crash-pads with friends and doing easy solo circuits throughout the Bishop locale. Grades just don’t matter!”

    You can find Jonathan in Bishop seeking unclimbed rocks and establishing new lines in outlying unpopular areas to, quote, “beat the crowds.” Jonathan also works hard as an environmental scientist who’s dedicated to writing about climbing related topics such as, “policing yourselves in the outdoors,” and, “preserving climbing ethics,” in order to protect our sport for years to come. Jonathan is a climbing activist and holds a degree in the natural sciences to achieve said goals. You can find his writing online by simply googling his name.

    Winter or Summer? I’m not prejudiced against seasons. I climb hard and ski even harder!

    What’s your biggest fear? With the boom climbing has seen in recent years I worry about access issues. The new generation of climber doesn’t seem to respect our local areas, like Bishop. It’s a real threat. Locals like myself are getting frustrated with the pretentious attitudes that tend to come with climbers who are brought up in major metropolitan climbing gyms in neighboring cities. Police yourselves in our areas or we’ll ALL lose them. Speak up if you see ignorant behavior occurring. Say something if someone is doing something unsafe. It’s important.