• Age: 28

  • Residence: Spokane, WA, USA

  • Years Climbing: 8

  • Favorite Evolv Product: Oracle

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    Dana Walters began climbing seriously in 2013 after graduating from Gonzaga University with a degree in Biochemistry.  He initially came from a competitive running back ground and competed in Cross Country and Track and Field at the NCAA Division 1 level.  This love for endurance sports drew him to the mountains.  The Cascades and Canadian Rockies quickly became his play ground where he dispatched many of the classics. 

    Currently his home base is Spokane, WA where he has access to several high-quality crags with a large concentration of difficult climbing within 30 minutes of his home.  Within a half days drive, Dana has access to the Canadian Rockies, Bugaboos and Washington Pass opening up some of the best alpine terrain in the world.  The ability to be a well-rounded climber with the toolset to climb variable objectives is important to him. 

    When he is not climbing, Dana Walters is a scientist.  He is currently pursuing his PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Washington State University’s Health Science Campus in Spokane, WA.  His research focuses on a rare neurodegenerative disorder and he hopes his research can make a positive difference in patients’ lives.

    Balance is important to Dana and pursuing his passions to the best of his abilities is important to him whether it is his studies or climbing pursuits.